Defiance Leveling Guide For New Players

If you are a beginner and just got Defiance there are a few tips and tricks that you should know to have a more smooth leveling experience.

1.The first thing you do is to create your character. Then you will choose which origin to play. This is not a class like in other MMO’s. By choosing different origins you will just chose your outfit and starting weapon. Regardless of your choice you can use any weapon and playstyle. So it is mostly a cosmetic choice as are Gender/Race and Archetype choices.

Defaince Caharacter Creation Guide

2. Learn your controls. Here are the PC ones:

W – Up
A – Left
S – Down
D – Right
F – Melee
G – Grenade
K – EGO Grid
L – Loadouts
LShift – Sprint or engages the afterburners while in a vehicle.
C – Crouch
V – Vehicle
Spacebar – Jump (or context menu within another menu).
Alt – Roll
U – Quick chat
Y – Quick menu
M and F3 – Map
1 – Special/EGO
2 – Weapon 1
3 – Weapon 2
Q – Cycle weapons
E – Action
R – Reload

Mouse Left – Shoot
Mouse Scroll – Cycle weapons
Mouse Right – Aim/Zoom
Esc – Menu

Learn to use them especially the roll, jump and sprint ones. Roll can get you out of trouble and diffuse some damage effects like fire and biological. When you have to get out of a situation fast use sprint and jump. It might save your life!

3. You will have to choose your starting Ego Power. You can choose between

For leveling I would recommend you chose Decoy; it is a kind of a tanky power that all the enemies engage leaving you to kill them or run away. A life saver in many situations! You can later chose any other Power as soon as you unlock it.

4. You must equip things to use them in Defiance. This also applies for Ego Power and Perks. You do this in the character menu (press ESC) and clicking on the icons. Perks can be found in the Ego menu and you have to equip them to work. Each perk has 3 levels that you can upgrade. You get a new perk slot at ego level 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000.

Defaince Loadouts

5. In you character screen you have loadouts. Use them to have different weapons, power ego and perks for different situations. To switch between loadouts just press L or ESC and select the one you want. You can also rename your loadoauts like Healer, PVP, Crit build….

6. After trying a few weapons choose the one that complements your playstyle and stick to it. This will raise your weapon types skill adding bonuses at each level. Each weapon type has 20 levels.

7. There are fast travel waypoints that you can use once discovered. Just hover with your mouse over a waypoint and when the travel button appears, click enter. They are a quick and free means of getting fast around the map so be sure to use them. Also if you have to travel ro a certain point, like an Arkfall, you can right click with your mouse to see the path to that destination.

Defaince Waypoints Guide

8. You have a limited inventory so anything that you don’t need sell or salvage. I’d suggest you salvage all the extra gear as this rewards you with Ark Resources which are used to buy keys that open Lockboxes. Lockboxes give you nice gear and can be bought at lockbox vendors spread around the map. To slavage an item ESC>Salvage Matrix Icon>Enter>Click on the item you want to aslvage>3xEntere>Click Yes and you are done.

For more tips and tricks be sure to also check the Defiance Video Leveling Guides with more in-depth discussions on all these topics.

Defiance Secrets